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Greenhouse and Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale &
Secrets to a Successful
Greenhouse and Business
This book is a comprehensive and
practical guide to soilless growing. It is
known as the Bible of the industry. It is
a methods book in that it provides
detailed information on how to design,
set up and operate hydroponic culture
systems. It also describes the most
successful cultures to use with specific
crops. Hydroponic Food Production
provides an immediatereference for
those who are presently growing
hydroponically as well as a guidebook
to get prospective growers started.586
Greenhouse and Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale with start to finish product buying information and Wholesale Supplies prices to retail greenhouses and Growers.
Green Earth Co.    Melbourne, Florida
Home-grown tomatoes . . . large, red-ripe,
deliciously aromatic and full of flavor! They can
be yours again with modern hydroponic
methods designed for home gardeners by one
of America's foremost hydroponics experts.
You don't need previous experience. Your
advantages (besides great tomatoes!) include
freedom from harmful pesticides, bothersome
weeds and insects, plus ease and pleasure in
tending the garden. And you can enjoy your
tomatoes sooner . . . tomatoes rich in vitamins
and minerals and great taste!
Step-by-step instructions, with many clear,
"show-me-how" illustrations, both photographs
and drawings.
Soft cover - 142 pages.
Hydroponics Explained DVD  The
Hydrop  The own system and
producing your own own system and
producing your own system and
producing successful produce with
unmatched flavor and nutrition.
Whether you are a first time hobbyist,
commercial grower, or even career,
then this video will give you a total
overview of just how hydroponic
systems actually work.           
How-To Hydroponics, 4th edition,
has been completely revised to share
with hydroponic gardening in a
hands-on, safe and fun for the whole
family, as a hobby, or means of
additional income. .
Howard Reshs best-selling guidebook for
will help you to produce your own and
fruits. Scores of photographs, drawings
and of gardens; simple hydroponic
window or deck trays or containers, or
full-scale, productive hydroponic gardens
or home greenhouse projects. Soft cover
- 159 pages.
Chillers & Heaters      
Fertilizers,  Nutrients
& Supplements          
Fluorescent & LED
Grow Lights
Supplies  Growing
Accessories &
Beneficial Insects
Growing Media
Greenhouse Supplies
Pest & Disease Control
pH/EC/TDS Meters  
Pots / Containers
Sprayers and Wands

Grow your Love of Gardening into a Profitable Greenhouse Business with

"Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse
and Business
by T. M. Taylor
A Complete Guide to Starting and Operating a High-Profit Business that Benefits the
Environment. If you ever consider installing a greenhouse, or already have one, this book may
help you turn your expenditure into a profitable greenhouse venture.

University of California - San Luis Obispo, Poly-Tech, says "If you operate a greenhouse for profit,
you need this greenhouse book."

The Growing Edge Magazine says, "Excellent how-to greenhouse guide. A gold mine of
greenhouse information."

up-to-date greenhouse information on:

* Who to Sell to --NEW--  Nationwide Greenhouse Plant Buyers List.

* Which Greenhouse plants sell best, when and how to grow them.

* Selling to the Largest National Chains and Local Greenhouse Markets.

* Growing Greenhouse Herbs and Specialty Greenhouse Food Crops Organically.

* Growing Greenhouse Annuals, Greenhouse Ferns, Greenhouse Foliage plants, Holiday
Flowers, Trees and Tropical greenhouse plants in High Demand.


* Wholesale Greenhouse Plant Price Guide and Directory for the Best Greenhouse Grower
Supplies and much more....

"Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business" has been
MOTHER EARTH NEWS as one of the Best Books for Skillful
Table of Contents
1-- Quantity and Variety
2-- Specialized Projects with Excellent Profit Potential
3-- Greenhouses
4-- Selling, Marketing, and Economics
5-- Watering and Growing Care
6-- Insect and Disease Control
7-- Soil and Fertilizer Mixtures
8-- Wholesale Price List
9-- Delivery, Collecting, and Using Computers
10-- Guidelines to Organizing Your Business
11-- Plant Buyers and Suppliers
New 2010 Edition full of tips, ideas, and greenhouse resources. Generously illustrated.
Author available for greenhouse and greenhouse supply questions at anytime.

$39.95 plus $6.95 priority mail shipping at Greenearth Publishing, P.O.Box 243, Melbourne, FL
100% Money Back Guarantee--No Time Limit.
Email Author- any greenhouse question and get a Fast answer!
Hydroponics: Soilless Gardening
Explained  Plants need nutrients, air,
survive. Traditionally these have been
provided by soil, but hydroponic
techniques allow plants not only to
regulated solution. This book looks at
the flood and drain method, drip feed,
Nutrient Film Technique, aeroponics,
and aquaponics.
How to Build Your Own
Greenhouse downside of the hobby
is the limited growing season in much
of the country. Gardening during the
winter is often reduced to tending
houseplants and browsing seed
catalogs for next summer’s tomato
So You Want to Start a Nursery In
this popular primer on how the nursery
nursery owner discusses the merits
mail-order, liner operations, and much
Growing Profits: How to Start
& Operate a Backyard
Nursery A backyard nursery is
a great business opportunity for
the person seeking some level
of self-employment. It can be a
full-time operation for the
American Horticultural Society
Plant Propagation: The Fully
Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of
Practical Techniques The
unrivaled priatical guide to the
successful propagation of all
garden plants — from trees and
shrubs to culinary herbs.
Tissue Culture  The
Reference Manual of Woody
Plant Propagation is a must
for and their propagation
requirements by budding,
and tissue culture are