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Greenhouse and Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale
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Greenhouse and Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale with start to finish product buying information and Wholesale Supplies prices to retail greenhouses and Growers.
pollution free, Penshibao is a super-concentrated water soluble organic fertilizer chelated
with nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, potassium, boron, zinc, molybdenum and
manganese, and other physiological activators like fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids
and vitamins scientifically.
Penshibao can supple plant nutrition timely and promote enzyme activities of plant,
increase contents of amino acid and proteins, enhance the photosynthesis of leaves and
stimulate the root activity, which achieves good performances in growth, disease
resistance, high yield and good quality. It is a high quality well-known product
incorporating functions of nutrition, accelerating growth, regulation and good resistance
for plants.
Mechanism of action:
Penshibao can effectively activate the enzyme activity of plant, regulate metabolism
functions and enhance the stability of cell membrane structure, increase contents of
unsaturated fatty acids and soluble protein, improve intensity of photosynthesis and root
Main performances:
1. Improve the physiological function of plant root system.
2. Improve the disease resistance.
3. Improve agronomy characters.
4, Anti-premature and aging, promote high-yield.
5. Reducing the usage of chemical fertilizer.
6. Increase the yield and quality of crops.
great cost savings. We have found it to be a very good greenhouse fertilizer.  And
promote it as a top shelf supply for all greenhouses.
Beneficial Insects
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Pots / Containers
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gardener. Redwood is the perfect material for a
greenhouse and is unsurpassed as a garden structure.

Santa Barbara Greenhouses are used in schools and
universities throughout America where quality and durability
is required. Clear redwood is precision-milled and
assembled into panels by skilled craftsmen.
The Hydro-nut growing system, designed by Greenearth to
grow food in The Fiji Islands to stop slash and burn farming.
Alternative Garden Supply. Inc., P.O. Box 662, Cary IL 1-800-444-2837, www.altgarden.com Carries hydroponic and lighting supplies, pest-controls and more.

Arbico, P.O. Box 4247 CRB, Tucson, AZ 85738. 1-800-827-2847,
www.arbico-organics.com. Known mostly for beneficial insects but also has a selection of fertilizers, pest traps, and
sustainable agricultural supplies.

Charley's Greenhouse Supplies, 17979 State Route 536, Mount Vernon, WA 98273, 1-800-322-4707,
www.charleysgreenhouse.com One of the most complete sources of
greenhouse supplies and accessories. Large selection of quality greenhouses and other products specifically for the home greenhouse. Great informative catalog. Good folks!

Co-Ex Corporation, 41 Hammer Mill Road, Rocky Hill CT  06067, 1-800-888-5364,
www.co-excorp.com. Manufactures polycarbonate glazings. They are a wholesaler but they are
informative and helpful when shopping for a glazing.

Cool-off, http://
www.cool-off.com/ Carries a wide range of mist and fogging systems for cooling your greenhouse. Most systems are packaged for DIY easy assembly and operation.  
800-504-MIST (6478)

CropKing, Inc., 5050 Greenwich Road, Seville, OH 44273 1-330-769-2002,
www.cropking.com. Carries indoor hydroponic kits, greenhouses, lights, growing mediums, books and more
for large and small growers.

Deglas, http://
www.deglasamericas.com/ At last a viable alternative to polycarbonate with a longer life in the sun. I think this might someday replace polycarbonate.

Dickson, 930 S Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101 800-323-2448,
www.dicksonweb.com,   Manufacturer of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and pressure chart recorders,
dataloggers, and hand-held indicators.

Garden Under Glass, 40 Huron Rd., Bellerose, NY  11001, 1-516-775-0866,
www.gardenunderglass.com. Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

www.garden.com, Carries a wide variety of tools, fertilizer, books and other supplies along with seeds, plants and more. This is solely an Internet site.

Garden Composer, http://
www.gardencomposer.com/, sells  garden design software. 3D Garden Composer is a garden software kit on CD-ROM for garden design, planning,
landscaping. It includes plant encyclopedia pictures, plant care calendar, gardening tools, plant diseases, pests info

Gardener’s Supply Company, 128 Intervale Rd., Burlington, VT 05401-2850, 1-800-863-1700,
www.gardeners.com. Carries greenhouses, tools, growing supplies, and more.

Gempler’s 100 Countryside Drive, P.O. Box 270, Belleville, WI   53508, 1-800-382-8473,
www.gemplers.com. Carries gardening tools, clothing, protective equipment, pest
management supplies, and more.

Greenfire, 2527A Hwy 32 West, Chico CA 95973, 1-800-859-8307,
www.greenfire.net. These folks carry quality organic hydroponic fertilizer supplies, lighting materials, variety of pest
control materials, growing mediums, and more.

Growing Spaces, P.O. Box 5518, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, 1-800-753-9333.
www.growingspaces.com. These folks specialize in quality, solar heated dome greenhouses. They
have varying sizes and prices from which to choose.

Harmony Farm Supply, P.O. Box 460, Graton CA 95444, 1-707-823-9125,
www.harmonyfarm.com. Carries a wide variety of growing supplies, pest controls and beneficial insects.

Hobby Gardens, P.O. Box 83, Grand Isle, Vermont 05458, 1-802-372-4041, www.hobbygardens.com. Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Home Home Harvest Garden Supply, Inc., 995 Potosi Road, Glen Rock, PA  17327, 1-800-348-4769, 717-235-6653
http://HomeHarvest.com. They sell books, fertilizers, pest controls,
beneficial insects, lighting systems, hydroponic systems, greenhouse accessories, and more.

Hoop House Sructures, 1358 Route 28, South Yarmouth, MA 02664, 1-800-760-5192,
www.hoophouse.com. Sells greenhouse kits and more.

Hummerts Seed Co., 4510 Earth City Expressway, Earth City, MO   63045, 1-800-325-3055,
www.hummert.com . Carries a wide variety of seeds, growing supplies and more. Has a
wholesale division for larger growers and division for smaller, hobby greenhouse needs.

Hydrofarm, 755 Southpoint Blvd.., Petaluma, CA 94954, 1-800-634-9990,
www.hydrofarm.com,. Specializes in hydroponic supplies and equipment.

Hydro-Gardens, Inc., P.O. Box 9707, Colorado Springs, CO 80932, 1-800-634-6362,
www.hydro-gardens.com. Carries a complete collection of supplies for growing; specializes in
hydroponic vegetable production and sells to commercial growers as well as hobbyists. Also carries seeds and pest-control supplies.

International Greenhouse Company, 19924 Aurora Ave N.- Suite 47, Seattle, WA 98133   1-888-281-9337,
http://www.igcusa.com Carries a wide selection of greenhouses starting with
low-cost hobby kits, to medium priced kits and a good selection of commercial sized greenhouses. Also has a wide selection of greenhouse supplies.

Jacobs Greenhouse Mfg. Ltd., 371 Talbot Road, Delhi, Ontario, Canada N4B 2A1
www.jacobsgreenhouse.com. Sells greenhouse kits and more.

Janco Greenhouses, 93990 Davis Avenue, Laurel, MD  200723, 1-800-323-6933,
www.jancoinc.com. Sells greenhouse kits, supplies, and more.

Jaybird Manufacturing, Inc. 2595-B Clyde Ave., State College, PA  18601 1-814-235-1807,
www.jaybird-mfg.com. Carries a variety of foggers for creating humidity.

National Garden Wholesale, 5408 NE 88th St. #A-101, Vancouver, WA 98665, 888-478-6544.
www.nationalgardenwholsale.com. Carries a number of specialty garden supplies of
interest to greenhouse and hydroponic gardeners.

Nature Perfect, 6100 Redwood Blvd. No. A&B, Novato, CA 94945, 1-888-328-8821,
www.natureperfect.com. Hydroponic growing supplies and systems along with lucky bamboo and
other plants.

North American Greenhouse Supplies, #1, 1204 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K5, Canada, 1-800-567-2718,
www.greenhousesolutions.com. Sells hydroponic equipment and
supplies and specializes in a number of measurement meters for ph, light, nutrient, etc.

North Country Creative Structures, Route 197, RD# 1 Box 1060B, Argyle, New York 12809, 1-800-833-2300,
www.sunroomliving.com. Sells Greenhouse kits, supplies and more.

Northern Greenhouse Sales, Box 42, Neche, ND 58265, 1-204-327-5540. These folks specialize in woven polyethylene glazing. They also carry greenhouse building supplies and

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, P.O. Box 2209, Grass Valley, CA 95945, 1-888-784-1722,
www.groworganic.com Sells a variety of fertilizers, gardening equipment, natural pest controls,
seeds, and more.

Planet Natural, 1612 Gold Ave., Bozeman, MT  59715, 1-800-289-6656,
www.planetnatural.com Carries a variety of gardening and natural based products.

Polygal, PO. Box 1567, Janesville WI 53547, 1-800-537-0095,
www.polygal.com. Manufactures polycarbonate glazings. They are a wholesaler but they are informative and helpful
when shopping for a glazing.

Quick Grow, 1-877-426-4769
http://www.quickgrow.com. Internet site only. Hydroponic-based gardening products, supplies and systems. Also hydroponics articles and information.

Solar Components Corp., 121 Valley St., Manchester, NH 03103, 1-603-668-8186,
www.solar-components.com. Specialize in glazing, greenhouse kits, and environmental control
systems for greenhouses and sunrooms. Also one of the few companies (if not the only) to carry fiberglass water containers (tubes) for thermal mass and aquaculture.

SPS Corporation, P.O. Box 20909, San Jose, CA, 95160, 1-800-994-5626,
http://spscorp.com. Manufacturer of polycarbonate glazing materials. They carry the energy efficient triple
thick polycarbonate in both 16 mm and 8mm widths. They are a wholesaler but they are informative and helpful when shopping for a glazing.

Specialty-Lights.com, 1-877-524-5524,
http://www.specialty-lights.com/plantgrow.html, Carries Sunlight Supply plant grow lights, hydroponics supplies, ph meters and more. Also find
Metal Halide or HPS plant grow lights in 100 - 1000 Watts, T5 fluorescent tek lights, dual spectrum lights, bulbs, ballasts and reflectors.

Standup Gardens, 1630 Route 33, Greenland, NH 03840, 1-603-427-6000,
www.standupgardens.com. Sells specialized portable gardening beds, some include built-in lighting and
irrigation systems.

Sturdi-built Greenhouses, 11304 SW Boones Ferry Rd., Portland OR 97219, 1-800-334-4115,
www.sturdi-built.com. Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Sundance Supply,
www.sundancesupply.com. Sells polycarbonate, trim components, glazing systems and shade cloth, for Build-It-Yourself greenhouses, sunrooms and solariums.
Extensive how-to information on their web site. This is an Internet catalog only and often has great prices along with one of the best interactive sites for calculating your needs. Easy

Teas Nursery—Orchid and Supply Catalog, P.O. Box 1603, Bellaire, TX 77402-1603. 1-800-446-7723,
www.teasnursery.com. Offers tropical plants, growing supplies, equipment, and

Ventura Sunrooms, 8274 Quincy St., Ventura, CA 93004, 1-800-747-3324,
www.sunroom.com. Sells greenhouse kits and supplies.

Worm's Way- Urban Farming Source Book™, 7850 North Highway 37, Bloomington IN  47404, 1-800-274-9676,
http://wormsway.com. Carries, hydroponic supplies, lighting, books and
other greenhouse and indoor gardening supplies.