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Greenhouse and Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale & Retail
SPECIALIZING  IN  COMPLETE  GREENHOUSE  Information, Supplies,  New Products,  Start up kits,  Building Plans  and  Free  help  with  selling  your  crops  for  retail  and wholesale greenhouse  growers.
Green Earth Co.    Melbourne, Florida
Greenhouse and Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale with start to finish product buying information and Wholesale Supplies prices to retail greenhouses and Growers.

Grow plants up to 3 times faster!
Keep soil temperature 15° to 20°
above room temperature preventing
root rot!
Water resistant construction - spills
just wipe off!                                   
11" x 24" (12/CS)  $29.95                 

22" x 44" (12/CS)  $66.95                
Excellent quality 7 inch tall propagation 2
clear vents in the top of the dome
humidity. Built in handle for easy x 20”
propagation tray. Replacement vents
vents on your NGW® propagation
dome.                                726241 NGW
(35/CS) $5.95        
Professionally engineered provide easier
to carry and move. Easy to better stability
for propagation nest and separate provide
better stability for propagation and MONDI
provide better stability for propagation and
1020 - WITH HOLES                               
Mesh bottom 10 x 20 insert tray. Great
for rock wool  or oasis  starter sheets.
around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and
supplying hormones needed to promote root
cell development and vitamins to promote of
primary nutrients and trace elements to
nourish the young roots plus fungal display
that opens to sell packets individually.
726010  CLONEX GEL 250ML (12/CASE)  
for serious gardeners who prefer to
use cuttings for propagating their
favorite plants. Power Clone Rooting
Gel was formulated utilizing the latest
advances in plant molecular biology
and DNA technology. Get a profusion
best of all, the main ingredients are
For             rapid, robust roots. Made
100% natural. Can be used with all
types of rooting
media.                             726050  
(24/CASE)  $21.50
A vitamin, hormone concentrate and root
growth stimulant. Hormex® prevents
transplant shock by stimulating growth of the
small feeder roots, which become damaged
during transplanting.
(12/CA  $9.95  
(12/CA  $12.95  
(12/  $18.95
EZ-Clone™ specially formulated gel is
designed to speed up root development,
produce vigorous healthy roots and protect
the cutting from pathogens and
contaminants. This unique formula was
designed specifically for the EZ-Clone™
cloning systems, but can also be used for all
other methods of cloning.                      
726660 EZ CLONE GEL 2oz. (24/CASE)
726665 EZ CLONE GEL 4oz. (12/CASE)
726670 EZ CLONE GEL 8oz. (12/CASE)
Chillers & Heaters      
Fertilizers,  Nutrients
& Supplements          
Fluorescent & LED
Grow Lights
Supplies  Growing
Accessories &
Beneficial Insects
Growing Media
Greenhouse Supplies
Pest & Disease Control
pH/EC/TDS Meters  
Pots / Containers
Sprayers and Wands

Edible Landscaping, P.O. Box 77, Afton, VA 22920, 1-800-524-4156, Carries citrus, figs, strawberries, and more.

Forestfarm, 990 Tetherow Rd., Williams, OR 97544-9599, 1-541-846-7269, Offers a wide variety of seeds and plants.

Garden of Delights, 14560 S.W. 14th St., Davie, FL 33325, 1-954-370-9004 or 1-800-741-3103 for automated orders.
Specializes in palms, rare tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees and more.,, carries a wide variety of tools, fertilizer, books and other supplies along with seeds, plants, and more. This is solely an
Internet site.

Germania Seed Company, Post Office Box 31787, 5978 North Northwest Highway, Chicago, Illinois 60631, 773-631-6631, This
company focuses mainly on seeds and plants for the commercial grower but also deals with smaller growers and smaller quantities. No glossy paper or flashy
pictures but good prices and selection. Carries greenhouse snapdragons and sweet peas. They also carry plugs (for bedding plant production) for larger
and more commercial growers.

Glasshouse Works, P.O. Box 97, Stewart, OH 45778, 1-800-837-2142, Contains one of the largest listings of ornamental
greenhouse plants. You will also find a large selection of herbs, bonsai, coleus, begonias, cacti, succulents, ferns and many other foliage and flowering
houseplants. They also carry interesting collections. Quality plants, great web site!
Greenearth Co. P.O.Box 243, Melbourne, FL 32902    Sells Many types of Banana plants Papaya plants and also has Bhut Jolokia Peppers and seeds, the
world hottest pepper.
Hartmann's Plantation, Inc. P.O. Box E, 310 60th St. Grand Junction, MI 49063-0100, 1-616-253-4281 Carries unique,
entertaining and unusual plants along with more common fruiting plants.

Hobbs Greenery, 979 Barnestown Rd., Hope, Maine  04847, 207-763-4746, http:// These folks specialize in ivy hedera,
scented, miniature and fancy leaf geraniums, tropicals, banana trees and many other plants.

Jersey Asparagus Farms, 105 Porchtown Road, Pittsgrove NJ 08318, 1-800-499-0013, Carries day-neutral strawberries.

Logee's Greenhouses,141 North Street, Danielson, CT 06239, 1-860-774-8038. Offers one of the best selections of greenhouse
ornamentals and herbs; beautiful color photos in catalog..

Michael's Premier Roses, 9759 Elder Creek Road, Sacramento, CA 95829, 1-916-369ROSE Carries a wide selection of very nice
roses. Very informative web site.

Nichols Garden Nursery, 1190 North Pacific Highway, Albany, OR 97321-4580, 1-541-928-9280, http:// Carries a wide variety
of herb plants. Also carries vegetables, home-brewing supplies, everlastings, dried flower supplies, and more.

Nor'East Miniature Roses, P.O. Box 307, Rowley, MA 01960 1-508-948-5487, http:// Sells a wide variety of miniature roses.

Nourse Farms, 41 River Road, South Deerfield, MA 01373, 1-413-665-2658 Carries a good selection of strawberries including
day-neutral types.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, P.O. Box 2209, Grass Valley, CA 95945, 1-888-784-1722, This is an extensive catalog of seeds,
supplies, beneficial insects pest control needs and more.

Raintree Nursery, 391 Butts Rd., Morton, WA 98356, 1-360-496-6400. Carries berries, fruits, nut trees, citrus, figs and more.

Shady Hill Gardens, 821 Walnut Street, Batavia, IL 60510-2999, 1-630-879-5665, Carries one of the most extensive selections of
geranium plants.

Stokes Tropicals, P.O. Box 9868, New Iberia, LA 70562-9868, 1-800-624-9706. Not to be confused with Stokes Seeds, these folks
stick to tropicals including a great banana selection, plumerias, gingers, heliconias and more. Colorful catalog.

Teas Nursery Co., Inc., P.O. Box 1603, Bellaire, TX 77402-1603, 1-800-446-7723, Carries many tropical plants including orchids,
tillandsias, hibiscus, growing supplies and more.

Tropiflora, 3530 Tallevast Road, Sarasota, FL 34243, 1-800-613-7520 Carries an extensive list of bromeliads, tillandsias, orchids and
succulents. Excellent catalog with great enthusiasm. There is also a great catalog supplement called the "Cargo Report," which describes the companies
latest adventures in collecting exotic species.
Stock Plant resources for the greenhouse growers
Botanicare Clone Machine 25 & 48
redesign of the 20 & 42 Site Clone Machines. It
compact, clean designed reservoir is made from
high density poly ethylene which is more durable
for longer product life.

The Clone Machine™ 25 includes a high-output
submersible pump, 25 neoprene inserts, Power
Clone Solution™ rooting hormone.

The Clone Machine™ 48 runs efficiently using just
6 gallons of water and utilizes a high ouput
submersible pump and 48 neoprene inserts.

706168 CLONE MACHINE 48 $249.95
706172 25 SITE CLONE MACHINE $171.95
30, 60, & 120 cutting units. Easy to
minutes.Standard Features:Custom
irrigation system External air intake
system Deep lid base for easy access
Leak resistant lidEZ CLONE 60Tub
type: Custom ABS plastic Tub
capacity: 16 gallon (approx) Cutting
capacity: 60 Cutting medium: Custom
800 gph Water capacity: 8 gallon
(approx) Optimal water temp: 75 F
Optimal water pH: 6.3 Dimensions: 32 x
19 x 15 Tub type: Product # : 706375
1" Oasis Horticubes Growing Media
is a low density, high drainage foam
developed for hydroponic seed
propagation of vegetables, herbs,
characteristics allow for an optimal
balance of oxygen and water, even
when saturated with water. 162 cubes
Power Cloner By Botanicare Put any fruit, flower, herb, shrub, or tree cutting in a Power
Cloners™ root cuttings with the aeroponics method which is one of the simplest and fastest
ways to initiate roots. They are highly efficient and spray plant cuttings utilizing a high output
pump and microjets to deliver a highly oxygenated rooting solution. High-pressure submersible
pump included with 2 year warranty. Large capacity reservoir included.Includes air pump with
air diffusers. Clear Humidome™ included. Power Clone Rooting Solution™ included.
706186 POWER CLONER 70 $501.95
706187 POWER CLONER 165 $814.95
stabilized, vacuum formed ABS plastic
- no seams, no cracking! The bedding
designed to nest with bedding tray and
provide easy access to the reservoir.
Includes: easy to assemble galvanized
steel table frame, reliable pump,
pre-assembled plumbing/fittings.
706700  $429.95
with over watering. AutoPots are good for use both indoor and outdoor as well as for growing
ornamentals or edible plants.
The AutoPot dual is the same as the auto pot single except it is a two plant system. Both
square containers are 1.93 gallon that fit into a dual cavity tray providing automatic watering
through the same gravity feed concept.
The Easy 2 Grow kit is the same as the AutoPot 2 or Easy 2 Grow Dual PLUS a 12.4 gallon
reservoir with a cover. All of the components included in the easy grow kit can be stored inside
of the reservoir during off season times.
707600 1 POT EASY2GRO SYSTEM $50.00
707605 2 POT EASY2GRO SYSTEM $70.00
707610 2 POT EASY2GRO KIT $100.00